Arklow Geraldines Ballymoney 

Juvenile Girls

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Under 16's

Coaches : Philip Healy, Michael Walker, Aidan Conway, Liam Cullen, Elizabeth Battye
Admin : Kellie Murphy, Gillian Priest

Under 14's

Coaches : Shane Nolan, Simon Tyler, Tony Healy, Ivan Hurley, Dee Ryan, Tom Clancy, Rochelle Cawley, Laura McCann, Paul Kenny, Tony Flynn
Admin : Karina Healy, Sinead Coakley, Rochella Kinsella

Under 12's

Coaches : Eddie Tobin, Paschal O'Reilly, Tony Kinsella, Michelle Forde, Stephen Forde, Edwina Bolger, James Bolger, Freddie Millar
Admin : Ciara Tobin

Under 10's

Coaches : Maureen Doyle, Helena Hurley, Tony Kinsella, James Bolger, Edwina Bolger
Admin : Aoife Byrne, Martina Hempenstall

Under 8's

Coaches : Margot Hughes, Orla Byrne, April Whelan, Jayne Lyster, Ben Thompson, Ian Bradshaw, Mark Wixted, Andrew Loughlin
Admin : Aisling Lalor

Academy - 4-6 Years

Coaches : Noel Morris (Club GDO)
Admin: Michelle Gregory

Training Days : Saturday morning
Venues: Astro Pitch, Pearses' Park

Membership / Registration

In order to train, play and use the facilities with Arklow Geraldines Ballymoney GAA club all players must hold fully paid up membership.

For further information on AGB membership or to join/renew your membership.

We should like to thank our Sponsors and Supporters....

Pearse Park, Arklow, Co.Wicklow

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Arklow Geraldines Ballymoney
Pearses' Park, Vale Road, Arklow, Co Wicklow
085 870 5151 / 087 350 8809

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